Summary of payments to EnrolledU/Dr. Alves

I filed an FOIA a while back and just re-relocated where I put the paper copy (too bad I did not receive an electronic copy).

Tag Dates Amount
05 08/04 – 05/05 $43650
06 07/05 – 05/06 $58775
07 07/06 – 05/07 $50575
08 07/07 – 06/08 $89975
09 07/08 – 06/09 $161875
10 07/04 – 03/10 $95600

Ok, so first a disclaimer: personally, I see the value in having a 3rd-party, objective consultant administrate the school assignment lotteries; you pay someone to arbitrarily stick kids in school according to some algorithm and it is hard to call foul play or favoritism for specific individuals.

Having said that, I am quite concerned about the significant increase in payments. I cannot account for the $40,000 increase in 08 – the information shows the only thing unusual was an increase in the number of “CONSULTANT FEES” (from 10 in 07 to 14 in 08). There is no explanation why the average Fee charged to Unit 4 was increased slightly, nor the special $8000 “SERVICE” at the beginning of 08. More worrisome is how this set a trend and nearly doubled the amounts paid out in 09, totally 20 times that the district was assessed a fee, not to mention a whopping $22625 charge in May 09. 2010 is looking to be another good year for EnrolledU, at our expense. I am not sure why. What services are we receiving that warrant these charges?

Makes me wonder if I can be a consultant for Unit 4. 🙂

5 Responses to “Summary of payments to EnrolledU/Dr. Alves”

  1. DFlores Says:

    Thank you for addressing the uncomfortable questions no one dares to ask. Indeed the increase is very troubling and unnacounted for in a state that has to be real careful with its budget. I am all for improving and investing in our educational system, (after all I’m an educator myself) but there is no pattern as to how you get to these figures.

  2. unknown Says:

    Is 2008 the year that the district had to change from using race as a factor? It would make sense that they would charge more for a “new” system that takes income and education in to account instead of just race.

    Just a thought.

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    Good point. I believe it was the 2009-2010 school year for which the new lottery system took effect, so I am not sure if the “extra” work would be billed for 2008 or 2009. Regardless, that alone does not account for the trend. It would make sense that Unit 4 pays for his travel/board when Dr. Alves is present for Community Forums, but it is really hard to figure that out from the very bland and very generic listing of charges that we have access to. It makes me wonder what sort of accountability there is.

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