Reduced-cost internet for families receiving free lunches


This sounds promising. I acknowledge up-front that there are going to be many naysayers about this program, and some of them might even have legitimate concerns. Martin Wolske has striven to provide Broadband access to impoverished areas of Saint Louis, and after talking with him, I was highly encouraged to hear how such a project impacts the residents. Which is why I think this news from Comcast is promising.

I say this on the heels of Peisker’s latest update concerning “To The Point”, which is going paperless. It becomes a question of how folks consume news, which varies more and more as technology evolves. Some still like the tangible, tactile nature of printed things. That is how I personally prefer to read books. But some like RSS and feeds (count me for RSS feeds of Facebook and news). And there are many other options. Most of those options are online, especially the “cheaper” ones. In reality, “cheap” just means you are pushing the costs from one category or entity to another. Perhaps the only real “free” form of communication is face-to-face.

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