Getting involved: Stratton

A was honored to hear about an after school pilot program at Stratton, Summit:



When I read this, I was really inspired. I like it a lot! I think what I like about it is twofold:

  1. It identifies and isolates an issue that needs attention, and finds a possible solution that is extremely practical and helpful
  2. The originators clearly need help and cannot do this alone so they have called in for help, and help they have received; I see this as a great way to practice community engagement


I will be keeping my ears and eyes open to see how this unfolds. More than that, I want to copy it and bring it to my school! 🙂 In fact, one of the reasons why this is presented as a “press release” is because they want to broadcast and pollinate concepts. “We would be thrilled to talk to others who want to do similar programs. We have a wealth of talent and feel no need to hoard the ideas.”


One Response to “Getting involved: Stratton”

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    […] be heartened by reports of Garden Hills’ Homework Club and Stratton’s Wednesday evening afterschool program. Why don’t we do more of that? Why don’t we invest (and it truly is an investment) a […]

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