BOE Meeting Minute crawling: a case-study in finding out what the BOE is doing

I found this to be a tedious task, so as much as I would prefer that someone else do this, I’ll offer up my own (meaning, my perspective, my observations, my opinion) “fruits of labor”.

[note: partially inspired by my desire for more “reverse feedback“] Read the rest of this entry »

School Exec Connect report #1

Here is the presentation that Dr. Ed Olds and Dr. Kent Johansen provided at each session they did:



It is simple in a good way. And while it has a subheading of “”, the gentlemen made it quite clear that if there is something about the profile you do not agree with (whether something is missing or something should not be on the list), please let them know. In fact, that is how they kicked off the discussion time and opened the floor to everyone present. “What should be on that list?” “Do you not see something that you thought would be there?”


Ultimately, it will be the BOE who decides who our next Superintendent is. While the School Exec fellows are open and obviously, earnestly, sincerely seeking feedback, we should really be focusing on influencing our School Board members. Hopefully that is exactly what School Exec Connect is doing, based on our feedback. But why not, as a community member, further develop that relationship with the BOE first and foremost? 🙂 That is my challenge to you.


It is my opinion that the BOE, especially since Sue Grey took hold of the reigns, has been a lot more open and striving to measure the pulse of the stakeholders. They have been working hard to meet with various groups, including one-on-one meetings with just about anyone. My biggest constructive criticism at this point is a lack of “reverse feedback”, a way of telling residents and taxpayers what they have been hearing. I made this suggestion to Ms. Grey back in May and she seemed to think this was a good idea. To resolve that, I personally wish that monthly reports like the one School Exec generated would be presented to the public. Heck, even if they put that up on BoardDocs, that would be a start. *grin* And hey, for all I know, they already are. Except when I crawled through the past several Board Meeting minutes, I didn’t see anything like that. I believe some one made a similar comment at the PTA Council’s session with School Exec Connection, “all our feedback seems to disappear into a black hole”. That even might have been said by one of you readers….