Dr. Malito: Unit 4 "Top 5"

I had a really good meeting with Dr. “Bob” Malito this morning. He is full of awesome. 🙂 As much as I would like to, this isn’t a “We are not worthy” Excellent-Adventure-esque blog.

My first question for Dr. Malito was “What are the top issues facing Unit 4 and the BOE right now?” I quickly added “And my second question is, ‘Why doesn’t the community in general know what these issues are?'” He agreed that the community is not really cognizant of these issues, which in turn is one of the issues. But he gave me a list of five things (using five fingers): Read the rest of this entry »

Follow-up to Franklin Principal's trip to the White House

re: School Reform
A little bit of a media blitz after yesterday morning’s Press Release:

  • WICD Channel 15: Probably the least substantial of the three major outlets this time around.
  • WCIA Channel 3: The printed version covers everything in the videocast, but has a lot of errors. Focuses on how Ms. Smith felt honored and was impressed, and the hard work that Franklin has done.
  • News-Gazette Julie Wurth: Julie mentions how Ms. Smith and Franklin have been focusing on “personalizing” their approach to education, and the honor of being recognized.
  • WILL: This was by far my favorite. It just dawned on me – if 80% of the schools are not meeting NCLB standards by 2014, then 80% of the Education budget can be slashed. Coincidence? Wow, this is such an awful way to justify our budget. I am glad that Obama is stepping up to the podium and saying “So, given that Congress cannot act, I am acting.” I just hope we see real meat, real results, come out of this.

In several of these articles (including Unit 4’s own release), Ms. Smith’s trip to Miami to participate in the NASSP conference is announced. Yet in all these, I am still looking for the details on NCLB; the little breadcrumbs I have so far is that state schools might be eligible for some kind of “waiver” from the strict standards of NCLB. I am really curious what Ms. Smith thinks about all this, given her involvement with NASSP and her exposure at the White House. Looking for that angle on reform. What really needs to change? I think we are forming a picture of “things we are doing well now” and have a fingerhold on things that would be helpful adapt our Education System for the current generation.


What an awesome opportunity for her! I realize she is still processing everything going on. Should be good stuff when she gets it all digested.