Teachers Rock!!

From the lips of President Obama:

Let me say something about teachers, by the way.  Teachers are the men and women who might be working harder than just about anybody these days.  (Applause.)  Whether you go to a big school or a small one, whether you attend a public or a private or charter school –- your teachers are giving up their weekends; they’re waking up at dawn; they’re cramming their days full of classes and extra-curricular activities.   And then they’re going home, eating some dinner, and then they’ve got to stay up sometimes past midnight, grading your papers and correcting your grammar, and making sure you got that algebra formula properly.

And they don’t do it for a fancy office.  They don’t — they sure don’t do it for the big salary.  They do it for you.  They do it because nothing gives them more satisfaction than seeing you learn.  They live for those moments when something clicks; when you amaze them with your intellect or your vocabulary, or they see what kind of person you’re becoming.  And they’re proud of you.  And they say, I had something to do with that, that wonderful young person who is going to succeed.  They have confidence in you that you will be citizens and leaders who take us into tomorrow.  They know you’re our future.  So your teachers are pouring everything they got into you, and they’re not alone.

So I have to ask, why does not the nation prioritize teaching and education more? It is almost as if someone in government (or shall I say, Government) said “You know, in order to get really good teachers, they have to really want it. The only way to make them really want it is to give them an embarrassing compensation. And this video proves it.”


This takes “do more with less” to a whole new level.


Jess Bachman’s wildly popular “Death & Taxes” poster shows that the Department of Education gets $56billion out of $1trillion (5.6%). Hard to say how much of that actually finds it way into teachers’ pockets. I know throwing more money at schools is not necessarily the answer, but the National Budget makes it quite clear what the national priorities are. My point is that we put a lot of things higher up than Education, let alone teachers. As a society, we idolize sport stars, Hollywood and laud excessive acclaim on CEOs. This is what you really wanted, eh?