The train is leaving for St. Louis

First Culver, then Dorland Norris, and now Beth Shepperd.


While I have mixed feelings about this whole debacle, my biggest concern is working on being optimistic. I am glad that all three of these former Texans are looking forward to facing the challenges of a new school district. I am excited about the potential for change in our school district. And now, it seems to me that hiring a Superintendent has suddenly become a bit more complex, for we (specifically, the School Board) have to hire not only a top-notch Chief, but also one that will wisely decide how to fill in his/her support staff. It is entirely possible we will not need any more support staff. Maybe. Perhaps existing staff will be promoted?


As we bid adieu to these three, I choose to remember that they have all accomplished a lot while with Unit 4. And I turn to look at the future with hope and expectation. It is up to us, the residents, the parents, the business owners, the academics, the tax payers, to form a tight partnership with the Board and let them know what our will is, so that they can act and set in motion a new era.


One Response to “The train is leaving for St. Louis”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Apparently Susie Solis is leaving as well. From Lynn Peisker’s KCN message:

    “Good afternoon –

    Last week we shared the news of the departure of Dorland Norris, Deputy Superintendent. This week we learned we will also say goodbye to departing administrator Beth Shepperd. Ms. Shepperd has served the District for nine years, having joined the District as Assistant Superintendent in 2002. During her tenure, she has served as the District’s liaison to both bargaining units, as well as assumed human resource responsibilities for the full and part-time staff of approximately 1,400. The Gold Card Club, the Key Communicator’s Network, and the Superintendent’s Communication Council are initiatives implemented by Mrs. Shepperd and she served in a leadership capacity in the application process for the recently awarded Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant for over $5,000,000.

    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Susie Solis is also leaving at this time. We wish them all the best in their future work, as they continue to make a positive difference for children, this time in the East St. Louis School District. Dr. Malito and the Board are currently planning for the vacancies created by these departures.

    We will continue to keep you updated during this time of transition. Please feel free to contact me know if you have any questions.”

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