BOE Meeting Minute crawling: Sept 26 – Oct 24

Sept 26 – Special Meeting

Lots of reports; Student Enrollment, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Budget, School Recognition, FMLA for Occupational Therapist… Gene Logas brought his typical arsenal of documentation again – that guy is a machine! 🙂

Oct 3 – Special Meeting

Absolutely NOTHING! How do you have NOTHING on the Agenda, and NOTHING in the minutes 3 weeks later? Nothing?!?

Oct 17th – Regular Meeting

  • Lots of Recognitions, mostly stuff (Good stuff!) put out by Lynn Peisker via the KCN, Facebook and Press Releases.
  • A Student Enrollment segment that has a chart and supporting documentation, showing slow but steady increase in enrollment.
  • A couple of interesting donations:
  • 1.  Unit 4 parent’s donation for an augmentative communication device valued at $8,000
  • 2.  Westview PTA’s donation of $5,374.50 to purchase promethean boards for classroom use
  • Low-cost Laptop Grant for BTW and Stratton. Not finding ANY details outside of Lynn’s March 31 Press Release. Would like to see the grant itself, how professional development is provisioned, how the state and Unit 4 will “monitor progress”. What brand/models were purchases, how many? When will they be ready? How will teachers integrate them into the curriculum, including teaching kids how to use a mouse, login, etc?
    [update: from a FOIA request, I now have the grant documentation – another long read]
  • Change Orders for BTW and Garden Hills
  • HR Changes – 11 Resignations? Wow

Oct 24 – Special Meeting

  • Student Information System: A good history of where this software has been. Bottomline = BIG MONEY:
  • “The upgrade cost was $250,000.  The total annual renewal cost is $66,000 for eSchool.  The total renewal cost for Finance Plus and eSchool is $109,000.”
  • Man I hate big software companies. Even small ones for that matter, if they are going to charge this kind of money.
  • A report of “Discipline Carryover”. Not sure why it was talked about. Requirement?
  • EEE Committee: 7 new members recommended to join the EEE. I’ll have to double-check to see who had 3-year terms and will be sticking around.
  • Amy Armstrong
  • Gianina Baker
  • Sarah Evans
  • Minnie Pearson
  • Stanley Yanchus
  • Human Resource Changes: While not mentioned in the agenda, we find out through the NG that Beth Shepperd announced her resignation and plans to follow Culver and Norris to St. Louis. We also learn that Susie Solis will be joining them.

3 Responses to “BOE Meeting Minute crawling: Sept 26 – Oct 24”

  1. Tom Lockman Says:

    Hi Charles –

    Lots of interesting content on your site. I thought I might try to provide some insight into some of the questions/comments raised above.

    Regarding meeting minutes, minutes are not published until they are presented to the Board for approval at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Depending on the schedule and the administrative assistant’s workload, that can – at times – be a couple of weeks or a month (primarily in the summertime). Also, there are some meetings called where the only topics on the agenda are covered in Executive Session (personnel, property issues, student discipline, negotiations, etc.) and do not require action. In that case, the only matter the public minutes would show was that the Board entered into Executive Session to discuss ‘XYZ’. Not very compelling reading, I know.

    Also, the number of resignations should not be concerning. Unit 4 has approximately 1,400 employees. The resignations designation covers any employee leaving the District and includes everything from year-round positions like administrators and building staff to positions that tend to experience a much higher rate of turnover (after school program employees, student office assistants, etc.).

    Minutes for the Board’s October meetings are being presented at this Monday’s meeting. I have yet to review them, but they may answer some of your other questions. As you know, I am always willing to answer questions to the best of my ability (within the bounds of the law), so never hesitate to ask. And if you’re ever looking for a Board Member to join you for a Wednesday lunch, feel free to let me know.


  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Thanks, Tom,

    Yes, I do realize that you are very willing to answer questions. And I am very thankful! After that one experience with the Board President, I started thinking about how the BOE tries to get the word out, and how that word is being heard (in some cases, very well, in others, not so much). You guys put a ton of effort into Board Meetings (and lots of other meetings besides). I am in awe. And totally scared to run for the Board. 🙂 But seriously, since you all put so much effort into meetings (official business, but also smaller, lesser-known meetings), the bulk of your output is only seen through 1) Meeting Minutes, 2) CGTV, or 3) whatever the media decides to report, which is very hit-and-miss.

    From personal experience, I can say that reading Board Meeting Minutes is a time-consuming, challenging task. At least for me. It is very dry, and I feel like I am watching a 3d movie with no special glasses. Watching a replay of the CGTV stuff is not much better – Board Meetings are not exactly prime-time entertainment. Usually. 🙂 But in order for me to fill that inner desire to know what is going on, I’ll do that legwork and find out.

    I feel like a small fish in a large pond. A very nosy one at times. There are so many people doing so many different things. I am finding that I often do not know where to direct my energies. And for that I apologize. It is hard to find that which is truly important.

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    PS – last week I received the Grant information via a FOIA request. Another good read, but long.

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