More thoughts on "reform"

I want to be careful about this word “reform”. I am starting to realize it has a lot of baggage. So let me say right out that when I use this word, I mean “acknowledging the good that already exists and needs to remain, that which is not so good will be either replaced with something better or otherwise improved”. Note there is a lot of subjectivity in that. But I also want to strike for balance.


So while looking at nochildheldback, which led me to look at waitingforsuperman, I now find myself on the Waiting For Superman Facebook wall, which seems MUCH more current. A recent post points me to a TIMES article which I found refreshing in the sense that it takes to heart the need to focus on the lower ends of the SES spectrum. Or at least, that was my take-away. My trouble now is trying to thread the needle between things like socialism, the vaporous “American Dream” and our own inherent greed.


More later.

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