Superintendent Candidates: overall impression so far

After reading, thinking and writing about the 4 candidates, I am left with the following.


  1. Disappointment that we do not have a stronger pool to choose from. I tamper that with the fact that we may yet find a gem, a diamond in the rough. I have to hope that we will. I have to hope that what little I know about the candidates (all 4 of them) is only a sign that there is more depth to them. I am told this was the case with Dr. Malito when he was hired.
  2. Not one of the candidates even mentioned the Board of Education. Did it slip past my eyes? It’s great that the candidates all see a Superintendent position as being involved in and with the community. But the fact of the matter is that the Board hires (and fires) the Superintendent, and for all practical purposes, the BOE is the middle-man between the Superintendent and the public.
  3. The late addition of Dr. Wiegand is certainly interesting. I am torn how I think about this. Is she being groomed? Was she holding back for fear of finding stronger candidates in the pool? Does it even matter what I think? (Probably not, but… this is my blog….).


If we look at the profile that the BOE came up with, I would venture to say that perhaps Dr. Darryl Taylor best matches the profile, with Dr. Wiegand coming in at a close second. If I look at what I want (my own profile), I am scratching my head – none meet the high standards that Dr. Malito has set. I am sorry, but I can’t get that out of my head.


Mr. Jamar Brown has been making it clear he wants to know about any questions that we the community have. My brain is too fried right now to further think about questions. But perhaps by sleeping on this, I’ll come up with something. 🙂

4 Responses to “Superintendent Candidates: overall impression so far”

  1. Karen Says:

    Off-topic, as always, while ‘stalking’ your blog (I would email to ask you, but, can’t find an email address)…but, do you know why the June 9th Meeting Minutes of the EEE Committee are not accessible? From what I can gather in trying to figure out what recommendations were actually approved for implementation from the School Climate Study of 2009, the June 9th EEE meeting was going to address that in some formal way. However, there is nothing link-able to the minutes of that meeting (in contrast with prior meetings’ minutes). I would still like to know which recommendations from that study are going to be implemented and how. Maybe I just can’t find the info??? Frustrating that it’s still (years later!) not easliy accessible, clear, and/or possibly even established?

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    I posted the meeting minutes here:

    As to my email address, that is in the “About” page. 🙂
    sacrophyte [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Charles. I will admit it’s an understatement to say that I have trouble finding things these days, and I am sorry if it seems that I am just lazy in finding the info on my own. Anyway. It’s quite possible that I don’t have this right, but, this is my understanding from trying to read through the minutes:

    April 2011
    Dorland Norris said the major assignment of the EEE Committee is to make recommendations that will go forth to the Board of Education. Ms. Norris said the committee has options to look at the recommendations made and come back on June 9 prepared to decide which recommendations should go forward.

    June 2011
    Ms. Norris distributed a climate study recommendation list and asked committee members to indicate their top three choices. This information will be returned to the Gayle Griffin-Jordan for compilation.
    Ms. Norris said good information and sharing occurred. She indicated this would the final meeting for the 2010-11 school year. Ms. Norris thanked members for their service.
    No meeting/s prior to the start of the new school (to possibly hit the ground running).
    No meetings during the first few months of school (to perhaps get the ball rolling with the new school year).
    December 2011
    Top 3 2009 School Climate Study recommendations to present to BOE were revealed at this meeting???

    January 2012
    Some time after this meeting I can read the approved minutes from the December 2011 meeting to find out which recommendations were the Top 3 from the December 2011 meeting (hence , the ones to be presented the BOE for approval). So, almost 3 years post-2009 school climate study the BOE will approve which recommendations are to be implemented?

  4. charlesdschultz Says:


    So here is the short answer; the EEE Committee doesn’t really do much; not to discredit all the EEE Members that show up, quarter after quarter and the time they put into that. It is a very sad tale. And not that I am overly pessimistic (usually), but many of the findings of the 2009 Study were also found in 2000, so the way I look at it is that it has taken over 10 years to address those recommendations. There is a larger systemic issue at play here, and I have a very strong feeling that once the Culver era comes to a complete close, stones will be turned over and new leaves will be shaken.

    I’ll have to save the long answer for its own blog post. 🙂

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