Meet your new Superintendent

Wow, that didn’t take long:


Granted, it is only 10:08 am and the news release is slated for 2:pm. But we all know what they are going to say. This is quite shocking. Dr. Wiegand went from not submitting her application to submitting it after the deadline and flip-flopping on her decision to this. As my head is spinning, I am trying to gather my thoughts about this whole “transparency” thing. School Exec Connect said the BOE was being very transparent initially. But there are some gaping black holes, especially surrounding Dr. Wiegand’s application.

Please note that I am not saying that Dr. Wiegand is a bad choice – in fact, I would say she is the best choice out of the 4 we have (had). I just don’t like the circumstances around this whole thing.



2 Responses to “Meet your new Superintendent”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    After the cat gets out of the bag at 2:pm, we are all going to know a few more things. Personally, I am excited; partially because I choose to see the glass half full, partially because Dr. Malito has been such a blast of much-needed revitalization that I think our course is thankfully, finally skewed from the trend set by the past couple of decades. Our next Superintendent will be the litmus paper to see if we have escaped that rut or not. And I feel pretty confident the answer is an optimistic, “yes, we can do it!”.

    We have some big challenges ahead of us. I did not say impossible obstacles, nor obstructions. Challenges – the stuff that makes us tone our character and scorch the flab. The High School discussion is going to be big, but another aspect is reigniting engagement with the community and the University. For this I am also excited.

    It will be interesting to see how the Board handles all this. The challenge is very real for our unpaid elected Board Members as well.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Not having seen the complete coverage yet, I am not sure how much of the cat is still in the bag, hence my “conspiracy theories and rumors“.

    Regardless, here is an email I sent to Dr. Wiegand, Dr. Malito and the Board:

    I would like to offer my sincere and heart-felt congratulations to Dr. Wiegand for becoming the next Superintendent! I am quite excited about the prospect of having you at the helm of the leadership team, and I look forward to seeing how we all (the school Administration, faculty, staff, Board and community members) tackle the challenges of the next few years.

    My warmest thanks to Dr. Malito who has seen us grow by leaps and bounds these past few months, for his deep and vested commitment in our school district. A cautionary note to Dr. Wiegand – you have extremely large shoes to fill. 🙂 Dr. Malito has set the bar exceptionally high; you have my support as you attempt to reach it.

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