Wednesday @ Houlihans (Jan 4th)

Getting back together after the break. If anyone is interested in joining us, please drop by at 11:30 on Wednesday, Jan 4th, Houlihans.

This is how Wake County does it

I almost feel like I have to apologze, I have been on a Kindergarten Lottery kick.


Anyway, this is how Wake County does it:


Earlier I mentioned Wake County’s website about “Controlled Choice”. I got a hold of the webmaster at Wake County and he informed me of a new website. Quite tasteful and informative, IMO. More important is the work they (the school district, the community, even the County) all did to help hash out issues and “heated debates” with school assignment. I am asking the webmaster for an extended discussion with the purpose of learning how they tackled their problems so as to learn how we might tackle ours. Wake County is considerably larger, though. 🙂