CUWiki: January 3rd at 6PM in the Urbana Free Library

I recently found out about the CUWiki project, and the meeting the group is holding at the Urbana Free Library tonight. I am advertising it because what little reading I have done so far really excites me, and it might just excite you. They have some really awesome people involved in the project, and some radical ideas that go beyond the banal-sounding “wiki”. Particularly, they address issues of the digital divide, tapping into UC2B to create an unofficial PrairieNet2 and including the wealth of diversity within Champaign-Urbana (and the “not-connected”).


What does this have to do with education, or even Unit 4 in particular? On the surface, not much at all. But looking at myself from the outside, I see a realization that the school district does not operate in isolation; I have been focusing on the community aspect of schools for quite some time on this blog. Efforts like CUWiki (and many many more) are part of that community-building mindset that seeks to improve society and thus improve the collaboration with schools, which ultimately impacts our children and closes the circle. At least, that is my belief at this point in time. Feel free to disagree.