Reflection upon the Jan 10th "Choice" Community Forum

I am glad I rearranged my schedule to make it to this forum; as with all meetings I find myself in, I personally place a much higher value on the one-to-one conversations I have, over and above the information that is disseminated and dumped upon attendants. So here are the pros and cons, from my point of view:

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Wednesday at Houlihans: tentative schedule for next 3 weeks

Tomorrow, Jan 11: talk about Kindergarten Lottery, perception. Going to identify some action steps for anyone interested

Next week, Jan 18: I will be out of town. Chuck Jackson may or may not will hold a gathering

Two weeks, Jan 25: PTA Tech gather; going to finally take some action on getting PTAs online

Overchosen Schools: interactive, database-driven chart

This is still in BETA, but I wanted to get something out there for folks that were hungry for information.

The following URL goes to a website I set up and maintain. It runs php on the server and javascript on your computer (thus you need to enable javascript to see anything). Right now, you can go against two years, 2011 and 2010:

You can try other years, but it will not be pretty. 🙂

This is live data I have received from FOIA requests with Unit 4 – when I get 2012 data, I’ll add that to the database and we can all have fun with it.

PS – If anyone knows how the heck CSS transform-origin really works, please let me know – it is a pain in the arse.

PS2 – my apologies to Microsoft Internet Explorer Users. Please upgrade to a better browser. 🙂

New website for Magnet schools

Fresh from Unit 4’s Facebook:


Not too shabby; decent layout, nice javascript buttons, 6 nav buttons, each with one or two pages behind it. Simple, gets the job done. Kinda strange that it does not link to any other external pages – not even Unit 4’s own pages.


And just in time for tonight’s forum.

Academic Spotlights

Went looking for the Reading Recovery Spotlight (which was not up as of this writing – probably will go under Garden Hills), but I did see an index of all other Academic Spotlights maintained by Unit 4:

Going to the "Schools of Choice" Community Forum tonight

But I’ll be late early. Quite late. 🙂 If you go, I would love to hear your first impressions, especially of the first 5 minutes. Seriously, I do want to hear back from a couple people about how “Choice” is presented and your perception of it.

Dr. Wiegand and Trevor Nadrozny have told me that they have some things ready for tonight, and they will have even more things ready by the next Community Forum (maybe a new webpage?). In particular, I am hoping they change the format of the “forum” such that there is more emphasis on community interaction with District experts. I am hoping that “overchosen” is clearly spelled out such that attendants know exactly which schools are historically overchosen. I am hoping that community members have more answers than questions when they leave.

So please let me know if that happened or not.