Recap: Wednesday @ Houlihans, Jan 25th, PTA Tech meeting

Today we were honored to have G David Frye with us (Beth Van, Chuck Jackson and myself). We were not able to move to the point of actually having “Create websites” for action steps because we took a significant diversion.

So here is a question to let your subconscious chew on while you read the rest of this. How do people share ideas and information with each other? You and I probably represent somewhat of a niche in that regards in that I am writing a blog post and several of you are reading it, either via an email subscription, rss feed, google hit or syndication. There are many other forms of communication that we use today.

G David has been involved with Unit 4 on the PTA and tech side for quite some time (going to hit a decade in a couple short years 🙂 ). He gave us Read the rest of this entry »

A look at an alternative to the Kindergarten Lottery

Here is some insight to how Urbana does School Assignment:


I was keen to read about the ideas they had concerning “community schools” and “sister schools”. In fact, the latter almost sounded similar to the Academy Prep idea in Unit 4.


PS – the problem described by the author seems endemic to most community meetings I have witnessed.

Concerns about where the Administration is going

In light of the new Assistant Superintendent position and the announcement of other positions, and in light of the $15.5 million cash bond issues, I have some grave concerns. Most unfortunately, I have not been able to pull my thoughts together, yet, so right up front I am going to tell you that this is a “get my thoughts on paper” kinda post.

I almost called this post something like “To the readers: what are your thoughts?”. But I figured I needed to seed the conversation first.

“I will start by starting.” (Paulo Freire) Read the rest of this entry »