Reflection on the Jan 26 School Assignment Community Forum

Here is a letter I sent to various Unit 4 Administrators and a Board Member:

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

The video is a huge hit! It is such a huge improvement over the previous forms of communicating information. It is exciting to see Unit 4 and the FIC moving in this direction.

While several of us were talking after the presentation, several things came up – specifically about getting information online and maybe even making a couple posters:

  1. put edulog online
  2. while #1 is being talked about, I have a google maps + javascript solution that gets pretty darn close
  3. Show people a map with the school district boundaries and the location of each school. Maybe a 4′ x 3′ posterboard and people can insert pushpins (I have done this elsewhere with great success).

Jamar, Orlando and Judy asked for the URLs for my projects. Feel free to share these Read the rest of this entry »

Rose & Taylor Community Forum: Economics, Feb 26th

I had the pleasure of visiting Rose & Taylor this afternoon; Tino Hines gave me a much needed haircut, and did quite well at it. I must admit to feeling slightly awkward being the only white guy there, but they were an affable and congenial group. I remarked on how well the first Community Forum went, and Tino said they had received a lot of positive feedback. I also found out from Chris (Williams?) that the next community forum is slated for February 26th and will be on Economics. It sounds like they are changing the format just a little to give more folks a chance to speak a little, but also a panel to pick the brains the of the lucky few sitting up front.


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New School Assignment video is up on registration website

Here is the URL:


You can get there from the new registration website:


They did a really swell job with the video – very impressive! I wish they spent a little more time explaining why the one parent did not get any of her 5 choices since that kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, but there is the implication that the parent finally get in via the waitlist. Proximity is described in much better detail, which helps. I still wait to see an online map and real-life examples.


Trevor Nadrozny has short outtakes in many of the sections (the “process flow” from the website), and does a lot of the explaining in the longer video. The repetition of the three R’s does indeed drive home the point of what one does, and I appreciate that Trevor acknowledges the pain points.


I am pleased that Unit 4 found someone to do such a snazzy video on such short notice. I hope they look to supplement the video and website with even better stuff for next year.