Wednesday at Houlihans: Feb 1, 11:30

Another open gathering at Houlihans for those that are interested. I have been a bit too busy to specifically invite individuals, so I am hoping that a blanket invite pulls in at least two other people. 🙂 Lately, another group has reserved the table we usually sit at, so you might have to look around for us.

Some possible topics of conversation:

  • Magnet programs
  • Identifying/isolating the “big” issues with Unit 4 (which should lead to action items if done right)

Anything else burning on your mind?


One Response to “Wednesday at Houlihans: Feb 1, 11:30”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    We covered some good ground today. A recurring theme that came up several times, and has been oft repeated prior to today, is that of the need for stronger bonds between the School District and the Community. The gap created by the absence of this vital component is evident in the lack of trust, the lack of family engagement, low level of expectations, and breakdown in communications. These ideas were reinforced with anecdotal stories and first-hand experiences; even just in the last few days, I have received, via email, accounts of underlying issues within the School District that touch on these core problems.

    So what do we do about this? As stated at our gathering, there is probably no silver bullet that will make all the problems just magically go away. It probably takes folks taking those small steps, as some are already doing, and getting others to join them on that journey. In terms of communication, I am excited when I hear that others are pressing Unit 4 officials (both in the school buildings and at the Mellon Center) with higher expectations and a desire to be more aware. I think that is one angle we have to keep pushing, showing that we want to be involved. Another small step I personally advocate is mentoring, even if not in the official, Unit 4 “One-to-one” capacity. Again, lots of people are doing this already – how impactful is it? Hard to say. But I fully believe it is worthwhile.

    There are still looming issues out there; classroom discipline and what to do about children that do not fit the “standard” learning model, and the overall climate (going back to Aber’s Climate Study) to mention two.

    One idea that did kinda surface during today’s talk was of having open forums and the potent affect of people’s voices being heard. We started these discussions (having an open forum) last summer, which directly lead to “Wednesdays at Houlihans”. But we have bigger and better dreams. 🙂 Just 5 minutes ago, I received a notice that various stakeholders, staff and administrators might be participating in a “open forum” in the next month or two concerning Carrie Busey and which building gets the name. In my opinion, the issue itself is a relatively minor one, but the act of getting together and hashing out thoughts can be a very healthy thing, especially with all the players that are supposed to be at the table.

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