Anti-Bullying Program tonight (Tuesday, Feb 21st)

Related to my previous post, here is another anti-Bullying session (hat tip to Will Kyles):

6:00pm – Anti-Bullying Program, sponsored by the NAACP Education Committee, Champaign Unit 4 Title I and Salem Baptist Church. Special Guests: Champaign Unit 4 School Superintendent Judy Wiegand and Urbana Assistant Police Chief/Newly Hired Champaign Chief of Police Anthony Cobb. Salem Baptist Church (500 E. Park. St., Champaign). Contact Cynthia Williams at 217-356-3214 for more information.


5 Responses to “Anti-Bullying Program tonight (Tuesday, Feb 21st)”

  1. Keri Pipkins Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Charles. It’s very positive to see the programming occurring around this topic!!

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Just noticed a WCIA article focusing on Taekwando. Our daughter is involved with the local ATA and I have been amazed how well they interlace anti-bullying tactics with physical activity and proper respect for elders. The instructors do an awesome job; they even mix in peer instruction time which is absolutely fabulous, teaching kids to be leaders in so many different ways.

    Kinda makes me want to suggest this pedagogy for Unit 4 PE classes. 🙂

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    Here is the WICD take on last night:

    And WCIA:

    The latter mentions that it can happen with adults, and I know I am seeing more adult bullying behavior in online forums where people have this amazing capacity to be absolutely abusive, vitriolic and downright nasty hiding behind their keyboard. If adults do not know how to control themselves, how can we expect kids to do any better?

  4. Keri Pipkins Says:

    I see it on the News-Gazette comments… yikes!!

  5. Filling in details for the April 17th Open Forum « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] will be holding another one May 3rd. The TALK Foundation has held one anti-bullying forum, as has Dr. Wiegand and the NAACP. And there are more. I am really excited about all that is happening, and I am very much looking […]

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