Yes, still meeting at Houlihans today

Sorry about the late notice; I’ll be at Houlihans if anyone else wants to show up (11:30). We can chat about the latest things going on in Unit 4, or if you have a bee in your bonnet that’s ok, too.


4 Responses to “Yes, still meeting at Houlihans today”

  1. Keri Pipkins Says:

    Wish I could come!!

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    So I have had a couple people say something similar. What about once a month I do something after-hours? Maybe in the 7:pm or 8:pm timeframe? Or rather, let me ask you, what time works best? What day?

  3. Chuck Jackson Says:

    Sorry to miss. Strattonville is hopping.

    Big Celebration tomorrow at 1 pm for the official Independence Day. Media coverage, Mayor Gerard and Representative Jakobsson are scheduled. Come on over if you have the inclination!

  4. Keri Pipkins Says:

    Charles, I think a monthly meeting sounds great, but I am not sure whether I could commit. Family, work, and other commitments keep my evenings busy and not consistent. If you get regular time, though I would put it on my calendar and try to drop by on occasion. The problem with scheduling meetings with parents is that we’re all parents, right? 😉 We can make something work though.

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