Education Summit: Springfield is getting their game on


This is exciting! “Communication can create change”. 4 big words. I saw this and started thinking, “Hmm…. Unit 4 should do this. Better yet, what about getting Unit 4 and Unit 116 (Urbana) to do this?”

I really like that the children (ie, the students) are a part of the process. They bring such an invaluable perspective to the table. I really like how they started with a very visible and very troubling topic (racism and violence). And the idea of putting everything on the table is just amazing. I sincerely want something like that to happen locally.

I tried to follow the links (, but am not finding much about the Summit. I hate it when a news story goes out and the web stuff is not ready. 🙂 I found one “Education Summit” from November 2011 – maybe that is the one? But no further info on it, like who organized it, where that infamous FAQ is, etc. Google showed me a Springfield Journal article ( which takes FOREVER to load (try this one for a faster copy: It appears to be a summit put on by a “local faith-based group”. Which harkens me back to Dry Grass and how social centers like churches get involved in big ways. The wheels in my head be turning….

“Our whole focus is, ‘How can people within the community — parents and community members and teachers — how can we work together to really change the way that some things are done so that all students can achieve academically?”

Yes. Indeed. Next stop – chatting with Pattsi Petrie and going to start walking this walk.


UPDATE: Going to be talking to the Faith Coalition for Common Good later this week as well.


3 Responses to “Education Summit: Springfield is getting their game on”

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