Jamar Brown now reporting on U4 BOE every 4th Monday

re: http://www.halfwayinteresting.com/Pages/CityofChampaign/tabid/90/entryid/858/Whats-Happening-at-Unit-4.aspx

Jamar Brown writes at Halfway Interesting:

It seems like it has been forever since I have made a post, but in reality I just have a new date.  I will now be featured on the fourth Monday of every month. 


Jamar gives us a brief glimpse into what he is involved in and some of the cool things going on in Unit 4 schools. I am hoping to engage with him a little so we can see what is on the BOE’s punch list. And I truly hope that folks take the opportunity to interact with Mr. Brown via Halfway Interesting.


Good stuff!


PS – I am also asking the site maintainer (Eric Bussell) about an RSS feed specifically for Unit 4 and/or Jamar Brown. I can see direct links that might work as a substitute (but not compatible in Google Reader):

Jamar’s Authored posts: http://www.halfwayinteresting.com/Pages/CityofChampaign/tabid/90/authorid/139/Default.aspx

Education & Schools Category: http://www.halfwayinteresting.com/Pages/CityofChampaign/tabid/90/categoryid/118/education-schools.aspx


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