Forming a "big picture"

Here is some recent tax information I received from Unit 4.


Tax Rate Comparison

Tax Rates in Champaign County SD

“Important to point out that each year’s calulation of dollars lost to caps is calculated as follows –  each year’s tax rate minus the 1996 rate times the current amount of assessed value = dollars lost to tax caps.”


It seems to me an indisputable fact that Unit 4 has had a significantly lower tax rate than a vast majority of other schools in the County, and even in the state. More to follow later, as I continue to ask more questions and learn more things. For me the big question becomes “what does the District really need?” And that goes back to my point of getting everyone on the same page (again, a brand new same page).


5 Responses to “Forming a "big picture"”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Wow–all of these matrices are interesting, but hardly tell the whole story. Tax caps are a state statute and depend greatly on how much development has occurred in the county during tax year. This is something over which the board has little control. Why don’t you ask for the data ask to how much the district has lost due to 30 years of TIF and fewer years of enterprise zones? This will tell a useful story where the board could have had input. Why don’t you ask for the total cost to the district due to the consent decree, including the cost of Culver and cohorts from Texas along with the cost to buy him out. The district over time has not managed the district finances very well and is now passing all of these poor decisions to the residents, as is the state and federal. I spent the morning listening to state legislators and legislative consultant for the county board association talk about the plans on the state level to pass even more down to school districts and county governments. It is wake up time to watch Unit 4 finances as it they were your own check book, actually they are.

  2. pattsi Says:

    P.S. Just the other day, Gordy Hulten, R. and county clerk, and I were talking about TIF. I was stating for the 100th time that this is a very poor development tool and costs the community a great deal of money, which is never regained, and that this hurts school districts. He mentioned during his tenure on the Champaign city council he was the lone vote on the 19 year extension of the East University TIF district. He said he is totally against TIF for all I stated. And then he said see we can agree on something. 🙂

  3. Robert DeAtley Says:

    Dollars spent per by a district per student is just one metric. It does not easily reflect the cost of rural transit, density of the district, or assessed value of the district. And it is probably not as valuable of a metric since not all counties in IL have tax caps.

  4. pattsi Says:

    Actually there is now a number of bills up for consideration pertaining to PTELL–HB 3908, SB 2073, SB 2862, and HB 4608. HB 5802 will increase the number of enterprise zones by 50. All of these potential affect education monies.

  5. Working Cash Bonds mashup : March 12th « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] in from property taxes consistently went down every single year since 1996 with exception of 2008 (documents from the COO). Pattsi argues (as have others by now) that this only tells part of the story. Yet this is the […]

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