Promises Made, Promises Kept: a request and questions for the March 8th meeting

Here is an email I sent to the Board, Dr. Wiegand and Mr. Gene Logas:

Good afternoon,

I hope you all are able to enjoy the warm (although windy) weather we are having. 🙂
In light of the Promises Made, Promises Kept (PMPK) meeting tomorrow evening, and the general context of the various issues surrounding the working cash bonds, I have a general request and a few accompanying questions.
I request that any information presented at the meeting tomorrow be made publicly available (either via the U4 website, or I can post it quickly elsewhere) within 4 business days. I say this because the PMPK only meets every three or four months, thus meeting minutes take at least that long to be approved and finally posted. I am hoping for a quicker turn-around. 🙂
And now some questions for the PMPK Committee (the answers to which I am hoping will be made available soon after the meeting *grin*).
  1. What is the current dollar amount the Board wishes to issue working cash bonds for? I understand from the last Board meeting that $14.5 million is the upper limit – what is the current amount of money under consideration that will actually be needed?
  2. Related to the first question, what is the current quote for installing wireless infrastructure, and what are the individual line items for that component?
  3. In the June 9th PMPK Meeting Minutes, Ms. Blank is said to seek specific descriptions of building deterioration for the sake of helping the community understand why sales tax dollars are spent on facilities such as the Bus Garage. What conditions have escalated the situation now that warrants an emergency working cash bond to cover these expenses?
  4. And finally, this last one may not have a cut-and-dried answer yet (maybe it does), so I’ll ask it sort of rhetorically (but I do mean for it to be considered): During the Board’s various interactions with the community (whether it be face to face, one on one, small groups, business meetings, etc), what issues has the community indicated is a fiscal priority?
Thank you for your hard work, your long hours and above all, your stalwart and steadfast desire to provide excellent education to our children. You have my sincere thanks. Please note that I very much am aware of how the current economic situations is making life in Unit 4 rather difficult, with the impending promise of even less State aid in the near future; I realize you are trying your best to fix problems as you see it, and I respect that very much.
Humbly yours,

4 Responses to “Promises Made, Promises Kept: a request and questions for the March 8th meeting”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Where does one find the names of the committee members and contact information? Maybe you can add this to the posting, either as a web address or list of names.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Yeah….. have fun with finding that. 🙂 My other complaint is that the website seems to gather dust. Not sure what to do about that.

    But if you want to find what Unit 4 has posted, do this:
    – homepage:
    – Departments -> Administrative Support Services -> Financial Services (or
    – On the right-hand navigation menu, 3rd from the bottom: Promises Made Promises Kept
    – Nav bar, 2nd from the top: Committee Members

    Arlene Blank – Chairperson
    Dave Tomlinson – BOE President
    Arthur Culver – Superintendent
    Gene Logas – CFO
    Roxanne Bossenbroek – CUSF
    Anita Broeren
    Steve Carter – Champaign City Manger
    Kirsten Dennison – PTA, Parent
    Peter Fox
    Dick Helton – Savoy City Manager
    Mike Herbert – IBEW
    Mary Logsdon – CESP Representative
    Peg O’Donoghue
    Greg Stock – CFT Representative
    Craig Walker

    The first four (with the obvious caveat of the new Superintendent) can be found elsewhere on the District website. The others…. well some of them are well-known. I am not aware of a committee email list (

  3. Kirsten Dennison Says:

    For the record, there is a Quick Link for the committee right on the Unit 4 home page–very easy to find, though you are correct that info is not terribly current. The committee email list is And, our committee chair has proposed postponing tomorrow evening’s meeting in light of Greg Novak’s passing.

  4. charlesdschultz Says:

    Oops. Yeah, that (the link on the homepage).

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