Special Board Meeting: March 8th

When I found out that the Vavriks were going to the Special Board Meeting tonight, I decided to go and show support. I had no agenda whatsoever. It was quite emotional; Gaby McClellan shared some very heart-felt sentiments on behalf of the PTA Council, affirmation of Greg of the family, and how Greg took her under his wings as she started getting involved in the school district. The Board moved into executive session and we chatted with the media a little, trying to remember things about Greg. Gaby did a great job! You’ll see her on the news and in the paper.


The more people I hear and the more stories I read, it is amazing how many lives Greg touched. For me personally, that in itself is a testimony of who Greg was. As I stated to the WILL reporter when asked what his greatest accomplishment was, I said Greg won everybody’s respect, no matter where they were in life. I also begin to see the many interwoven relationships. How Judy Wiegand was good friends with the Novaks. As well as Tommy Lockman. How Donna Novak was, at the very beginning, both Greg’s boss and girlfriend. 🙂 How Greg spoke so highly of Jamar Brown when he was elected to the Board. I could go on and on…. I’ll defer to the historians to record the deeds of one of their own.


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