Alves Schedule One

At long last, “Schedule One” has been recovered.

For those that are wondering why this is noteworthy, I refer you back to a post about Michael Alves’ contract; I had asked to see the contract that Unit 4 has with Michael Alves, an educational consultant based out of Massachusetts. At the time, the meager contract that was “on file” (itself another enigma) referenced “Schedule One” but we had no idea what was detailed. Now we do. Sorta.

And frankly, I am not very impressed. Essentially, Alves collects money for “providing technical assistance” with various things, things that are not very clearly spelled out but left quite open. Even more confusing, we are charged an hourly rate of $100 for Mr. Alves and an hourly rate of $75 for his firm Alves Educational Consulting Group, Ltd (AECG)? To the shame of the previous administration, Unit 4 has sure been one heck of a golden egg laying goose for Alves. Time for the egg laying to stop.


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    […] have but scratched the surface), I will mention in passing the proverbial Lost Dead Sea Scrolls of Schedule One. When I read his book on school diversity, I was very much impressed by Dr. Alves’s […]

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