Education X Prize

For those who follow tech news, you might have heard of the X prizes, the first of which sponsored a $10 milllion award to a company to blast a crew of three safely into space and back. The head honcho is now eyeing Education, but with difficulty. Interesting how “easily” (relatively speaking) we can send 3 people to space but we can’t figure out Education.

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2 Responses to “Education X Prize”

  1. Chuck Jackson Says:

    I’d wager no expense was spared in trying to figure out space travel. Not exactly the same ethic somehow…

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    I see the same thing happening at the government level; look at all the resources poured into space exploration in general – look at all the awesome cool things that has come out of the many brain trusts and think tanks. Education issues, and social injustice in general, have been around a whole heck of lot longer. In the words of Gregory House, Education would be “boring”, while putting a colony on Mars is sexy.

    Not even going to mention the other major portions of the national budget.

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