Goals of the Superintendent

I am loving the goals that Dr. Wiegand has layed out for her role – as she said, they are very ambitious indeed. Which is good. She has set before herself and the entire District a worthy challenge. You can read her statement here:



My next question to Dr. Wiegand will be “how?”. What metrics will be used to measure our progress? What steps will we take, and how will we know when we have reached a milestone? Are these goals open-ended, or are we to meet them within the next, say, 5 years?


Dr. Wiegand does say in her letter the following:

As your Superintendent, I look forward to building a team to lead this District to the next level. As this team comes together, action steps to achieve these goals and objects will be formalized and shared by the start of the coming school year.


So this initial letter sounds like the planning stages with the promise of more to come. Awesome! I am excited!




2 Responses to “Goals of the Superintendent”

  1. Chuck Jackson Says:

    I agree!
    Two of the goals specifically mention community involvement. I foresee that some of the details below these goals could be difficult for the community to understand but as a list of goals, I embrace them.

  2. pattsi Says:

    The goals are intriguing. To quote Miles Horton–“one has to do more than talk the talk, one has to walk the walk. What I see missing are the strategies and tactics for at least one objective under each goal included in the document so there will be a pretest and a post test.

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