March 26th Special Board Meeting

The Agenda for tonight’s meeting has finally been posted (you can see a “clean” copy on BoardDocs – the agenda listed on the BOE webpage is a scan of a copy of a printout, which confuses me to no end).

One thing caught me eye – a tenured teacher is being dismissed. Wow. Makes you wonder what the circumstances are.

Dr. Wiegand will be presenting an update on the High School Initiatives. Unfortunately, that powerpoint is not online. Another item is a PBF blurb (again, no extra information online with a good executive summary available), and then we get the Gene Logas show.

Also, I have been trying to figure out what happened to Board “Study Sessions”. We have “regular” Board Meetings and “special” Board Meetings, but from my point of view, they look exactly the same. How are they different?

Meg Dickinson wrote two articles about Common Core which finally just became available online:

I believe these are both relevant in the High School Initiatives talk; with Common Core and online testing, how we “do” school is changing a little bit. We have to plan ahead and think about not just the high school, but the elementary and the middle schools as well.

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