More news: WCIA's piece on the budget

It is interesting watching a story evolve and unfold through many different eyes. Today’s story gives a small window (a very tiny teeny small window) into my perspective, and also that of the COO Gene Logas:


The Facebook page is filling up with comments from the public. A very interesting read in and of itself:


2 Responses to “More news: WCIA's piece on the budget”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    To: Amanda Porterfield

    Good evening, Amanda,

    I again thank you for taking the time to come to my house and take my story, and that you also took the time to get Gene’s story. I cannot speak for Gene, but I was hoping the story would have had a slightly different spin. On the one hand, the questions I asked (“why we need higher property taxes, why we need a working cash bond”) I already have answers to. I have spoken extensively with Gene about these items, and thus I can say there is still yet a bigger picture than what you uncovered in your story; for instance, a $200 million list of deferred maintenance, of which the $83 million is only a part. Perhaps you intentionally left some stones unturned for a future story? *grin* But my point is that I perceived my air-time as a springboard to Mr. Logas’s talk. That is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand, I was trying to convey with my words during our interview that I feel communication is a huge factor in perception, and the media plays a role in that. Just look at the comments collecting on the WCIA facebook page; some are downright clueless, some are vindictive – most have to be filtered to get to the real content (and discontent) behind the person’s sentiment. You did mention “clear communication” as the root issue at the very beginning, which I did appreciate. I just wonder if that message got lost in the rest of the story.

    There is a schism between the School District and the community. At one level, there is a huge perception of a schism due to the way things play out in public news media. But I think there is also a real schism that comes from mistrust. What are we going to do about that? How do we bridge that schism?

    I hope you continue to pursue similar stories in the future. There is a lot of potential in this community, and whole heck of a lot of good things! 🙂

    Charles Schultz

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Another thought; again, looking at this from different angles (my personal experience of what I said, what is typed up for the text version of the report and the video of the story), it is interesting to note where the focus lies.

    We talked for a little over 30 minutes. Yet Amanda used about 20 seconds of what I said, some of which was spliced out of context (in my opinion). Ok, so that’s how news works, I’ll get over it.

    The text version does a pretty decent job of spelling out the story from 2008 (the 1% Sales Tax) and forward. I think I am pretty much in favor of the text version, other than the fact that the jargon is not easily understandable. Or maybe I just suck with numbers.

    But the video version…. the $83 million and subsequent numbers flashed on the screen way too fast while there was distracting footage in the background. It is really hard to follow the numbers if all you have is the video. On top of that, Amanda decided to use a portion of Gene’s interview about the vote not reaching 50% of 50% of the “corners” (that part confused me). Confusion is not good. I wonder if Amanda really understands that part.

    Like I said, interesting.

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