Houlihans: identifying objectives and goals

Reminder: Chuck Jackson and I hold “open meetings” every Wednesday at Houlihans from 11:30 to 12:30 (ish). We have no idea who is going to show up from week to week.


If there are no other topics brought to the table by others, I am going to suggest “we” (whoever shows up) talk about putting a name to 3 things we can be working on. I am a bit biased towards communication, but I want to be open to other goals we can work towards as well.

Last night’s session with Jamar was good (covered by Meg Dickinson with the NG – no idea when WCIA will air their piece), especially since I truly believe Jamar wants to get out there and listen to what people have to say. I am remind of Sue Grey’s “we have to shut up and listen” sound byte from last year, in which it was hard for me to see how that was implemented (when did the Board actively listen?). Jamar’s demonstration was a good example of that, in my opinion. Jamar made a point to emphasize how the Board hears the push-back on the working cash bonds and they are doing something about it by making the shopping listing shorter and having more discussion (ie, next Board Meeting, April 9th).

My point is that I would like to find three things we can sink our teeth into and take measured steps with. The budget is one item that has been broached recently, and I suggested that we start looking into that more seriously (and provided links to the March 26th Board Meeting in which Gene Logas talks about the preliminary budget).

What else? Do Communication and Budget count as two?


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