one of my goals for next year: winning the PTA Family Engagement Award

I have an RSS feed for the Illinois and National PTA facebook pages, and in the past few weeks have seen announcements about this effort (with a nice incentive) to engage families:

To be frank, for me it is not about the money; rather it is setting a goal and trying to achieve it. And I think, from what I have read so far, that this might be a worthy goal. So I put this out there for all you critics (and cynics *grin*) – please feel free to rip this apart, I only ask that you be honest and maybe even objective.

Another grant/award out there that is very similar is the “Take Your Family to School Week” (mentioned briefly a little whle back). Very similar, I think, although perhaps a little less permanent, or a little less deep.

One of the things I want to do is follow-up and see what happened afterwards; after the balloons deflated, after the confetti was all swept up, after all the chairs were put away. What kind of impact are the winners (and runner-ups) having throughout the year? What good examples and lessons can we extract?


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