Positive media for "Controlled Choice"

Noticed two positive articles this morning about “Controlled Choice” (aka, “Schools of Choice”, “Kindergarten Lottery”, “School Assignment”).

Chambanamoms.org: Early enrollment is spiking, numbers are very high. Results may be delayed due to all the shuffling.

WCIA: pre-release numbers look like parents are choosing a more diverse selection of schools (and not hitting the “overchosen” schools as much). Could be due to the new push in how registration is advertised (new website, new video, ads on buses, billboards, pushed out through all the schools, etc).

I find these encouraging and very interesting in light of what is happening at Wake County; they just revamped their system and many parents are not at all happy about it. Wake County is significantly larger than Unit 4 and much more complex, yet they still use Alves. Reading the News&Observer (tag 1, 2) kinda makes me glad we are small time and that we now have some positive things to say. 🙂


The WCIA piece highlights Meiby Huddleston, a parent who hopes to send a child to Carrie Busey next year. WCIA also covered a mock classroom at the new building.


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