April 23rd Board Meeting

I am unable to make it tonight, so I am hoping that some of you were able to attend. I even had some statements I wanted to say in public comment….


Anyway, I am particularly interested to find out how the Board responds to the Resolution to Abandon the WCB (ie, will Jamar motion, will anyone second?). I am also interested in hearing feedback about the high school options. I am quite concerned that the board has made decisions to take things off the table (one high school, Garwood site, Boulder Ridge site, etc) and yet it appears (my perception is) that the board did this without much community input. I could be quite wrong. I am very much anxious to hear how the board intends to collect feedback outside Ms. Nelson’s website (which is good, by the way – she is doing some great research).

7 Responses to “April 23rd Board Meeting”

  1. pattsi Says:

    I think the superintendent announced receiving “X” number of proposals for PR firms to consider hiring. Holly’s presentation was well received. Part II is scheduled for 11 June. During the May BOE mtg will be a presentation by a COE PhD student.

  2. Karen Says:

    It was my understanding (per Unit 4 acting director of human resources? hosting a poorly attended candidate profile forum) that the Barkstall community (students, parents, staff) were to be afforded the opportunity to meet with the 3 finalsts for the open Principal position at Barkstall. You know. Maybe to hear why each candidate wanted to be at Barkstall in particular (one of the parts of the profile developed was finding a candidate who was committed to Barkstall vs. using it as a stepping stone……I’ll leave it at that). Given that the successful applicant (Jaime Roundtree–Assistant Principal, Bottenfield) was announced at tonight’s board meeting, that opportunity obviously did not materialize. Business as usual, courtesy of Mellon??? Don’t talk about engaging the community. Don’t talk about open communication. Don’t talk about transparency. If all it is is talk. So tired of that with Unit 4.

    And, good for Jamar Brown. It still means something to some people to be a stand-up kind of person.

  3. Karen Says:

    I stand corrected from a previous post. Everyday Math is not going away. It’s going to be integrated into Core. I am puzzled by how that would be justified given where Unit 4 falls with AIMSweb test scores (relative to national performance?).

  4. Karen Says:

    Just to clarify, the current Assistant Principal at Barkstall was also a finalist. They (the higher ups vs. others involved in the ‘interview’ process, it seems) chose to move Bottenfield’s Assistant Principal to Barkstall. Is that what is best for all students? Now, both Bottenfield and Barkstall will contend with the transition issues associated with new-to-the-school hires. But, such instability-related issues (which do affect the learning environment) were apparently not much of a factor in making their new hires (Jefferson Principal steps over to Mellon, along with Franklin Principal).

  5. Sena Cooper Says:

    I was surprised to see two of the three middle school principals move to new Assistant Superintendent spots. Certainly these individuals need to be given opportunities to progress in their careers but I would have thought some stagger in their departures would make more sense.

  6. Letter to the Board: “April 23rd Board Meeting” « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] letter to the Board follows – I am linking this to my previous post about the board meeting. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Board, I was unable to attend […]

  7. charlesdschultz Says:

    I am thinking about making a new post focusing on the Administrative changes that Karen and Sena have touched on. I am perplexed why we need these positions in the first place. “Assistant Superintendent for Achievement of Curriculum and Instruction”? I realize we are filling spots currently (or previously) covered by a few nice ladies pulled out of retirement. But my question is why. What do these people do?

    The Org charts (1,2,3) are terribly confusing, especially since they have changed so much. I just cannot help this gut feeling that Administration is way too large.

    What would I cut? Instead of just complaining, what solution/alternative do I offer? To that I cannot answer. What if every 20 years we RIF’ed the entire Administration and wiped the organizational chart clean and started from scratch? I realize that is extreme (and I am being rather facetious, by the way), but at what point does one pursue change for the sake of shaking things up in a good way, not allowing them to stagnate? I have read a research paper on this and either Pattsi or Chuck are going to remind me what it was…

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