Customer Service

We all have experiences with poor customer service, whether it be contacting a large software company, dealing with the kool-aid drinking psychos from the cellular provider or trying to find some help at a big box store. Rarely do I see examples of customer service that leave me feeling “Wow, that was really satisfying”.

Last week I had an exchange with Tech Support at; these guys have always been super nice and are a delight to talk to. In my most recent exchange, they sent me a t-shirt with the following letter:

Hi Charles –
On behalf of everyone and myself here at Pandora please accept this gift with our thanks for
being such a great listener. It means a lot to have such support from folks like you.
This journey is getting more and more exciting with each passing day. The ‘everywhere’ aspect
of personalized intemet radio — smartphones, home consumer electronics, TVs, cars, etc – is
opening up a world of opportunity. We’re having a blast and we’re glad you’re along with us on
this journey!
Please stay in touch. l can always be reached at and l’m always
eager to hear your thoughts, ideas, criticisms, comments… anything y0u’d like to share. Your
feedback is a huge part of what helps Pandora stay on target for our listeners.
Thanks for listening!
Tim Westergren, Founder
Another company that really has great front-line people answering the phones is; these folks are empowered to do just about anything you need them to do, are exceptionally polite and eager to help, and extremely familiar with the system and are rather intelligent to boot. These examples really put others to shame.
I use these positive examples to paint a picture of what I would like Unit 4 to be. I cringe when I hear stories of people calling the FIC and having such horrible interactions. I have to confess though that I have never called the FIC with a complaint, so I cannot judge them based on my own experience.

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