Track My Steps (Wake County): Education Inequality Forum

From the news-observer again:

Track My Steps is hosting a public forum tonight on the state of education in Eastern Wake County.

Forum organizers say there is a “crisis in public education in eastern Wake County and that they want to “break the silence on education inequality.” The forum will focus on the challenges faced by Eastern Wake students and parents in the areas of early education, student discipline, student/parent rights and resources, course selection/availability and student achievement.

“Eastern Wake residents are calling for education reform in their part of Wake County to create a better Wake County,” according to the press release. “Participants will introduce a plan of action to change the perception of education in Eastern Wake.”

When I read the Track My Steps information, it reminded me a lot of what we are trying to do. I am following up with them to learn more. I also very much wonder about the details of the reform – they seem to have some important folks on board.