The Purpose of Education: Part 1

I have found myself lately asking what the purpose of education is. I have asked myself this question many times and never really found a satisfactory answer; part of my dilemma is that I cannot answer this question without being influenced by my environment, my upbringing and ultimately, what “smart people” before me have said. Through my many talks with folks around town (and out of town for that matter), I have come to realize there are two very different views on the purpose of education. At least two – there might be more. So this is Part 1, because I am sure I will have more to say as I dig into this question more seriously. But I am putting this out in a public place also to elicit comments and thoughts from others.

On that note, I wonder; “Is there an absolute answer, or are there many correct answers?” No doubt, there are many perspectives. Are they all valid? I tend to believe in Absolutes, FYI. But I am not yet convinced if the purpose of education is absolute or not. Clearly, how education is practiced and the justification for it as nearly as diverse as the stars.

So in my googling, I have two important queries from which I am drawing my internet influence: Read the rest of this entry »