May 21st Special Board Meeting recording is available

And it’s only 53 minutes. Odd. I plan to watch it soon.

Remember, clicking on the link does not seem to work – I recommend you right click and download it.


4 Responses to “May 21st Special Board Meeting recording is available”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    You have to skip to about 3.5 minutes in to get past the banner. The first half of the video is a great discussion between Administrators and Board Members about discipline. The second half covers a lot of stuff dealing with finances and Gene Logas specialty. Mostly good news this time around. Good clarifying questions and discussion.

    More later,

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    David Hohman, currently an IT guy with several schools, has been hired on as the Director of Educational Technology.

  3. Karen Says:

    When I right click I am offered no option to download (as far as I can tell). Any suggestions? I really want to view the part on discipline, but, am probably working on an ancient computer here (and I have not computer skills, to boot).

  4. charlesdschultz Says:

    Mac or Windows? Which browser? I hate to ask a lot of questions to answer your question, but the answer so far is “it depends”. 🙂

    You can try clicking on it to see what happens. It is 125mb, so if you have a slow connection it will take a long time to download. Not sure how fast it will stream if it works.

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