Overchosen Schools Chart is back: new data for 2012

It took a bit of work, but for those that like to go look at pictures and mouse-over a semi-interactive chart right away:



If you want previous years:


[just change the last number]


Some Notes:

  1. I have not yet got the “Maxiumum Occupancy” data to show up – it is in the javascript, but I believe Highcharts slightly modified a loophole I was hacking
  2. Alves delivered some messy data again. The most notable to you is that the names of the schools are all abbreviated
  3. Oh, you might also notice that the numbers seem a little low, especially for the magnet schools. I have to tweak the code a bit more to account for magnet selections, since they are reported in a funny way.

One Response to “Overchosen Schools Chart is back: new data for 2012”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Prepping for 2013, I have fixed the javascript code (which was broken over the course of the year), also added a button to quickly select which year you want to see.


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