An informal review of Dr. Wiegand's dissertation

re:  Factors that Affect Implementation and Sustainability of a High School Reform Effort: A Case Study

I do not recall exactly what put the bee in my bonnet, but I got the idea that since Dr. Wiegand has her Ed.D from the University of Illinois, she probably has a thesis paper dissertation and the UofI probably has it in hardcopy somewhere. So I went looking. And I found it. (I have not found a full electronic copy, yet) Why? Why would I want to read it? Partially because she is the superintendent, and the superintendent makes a lot of important decisions concerning the school district. In a way, I want to get inside her head. Additionally, I find Dr. Wiegand to be an intriguing person and find myself aligning with some of her ideas.

Keep in mind that I did not know Dr. Wiegand prior to her time at the Mellon Center; even then, I found myself largely focused on other players. As her résumé states, she was a Special Ed Teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal and Principal all before becoming the Director of Secondary Education. She conducted her research and wrote her thesis dissertation from 2001-2003 while a Principal at Centennial.

“High School Reform” sounds like juicy bait. Flamebait, perhaps. 🙂 But the specific reform she focuses on is Read the rest of this entry »