The High School dilemma: weighing the options

Giving out a shout out to Holly Nelson and her website about the study of what to do with Central. Especially take a look at the “booklet” she has created – very succinct yet also very informative:

I have read bits and pieces of the source document and research as it has accumulated, but have not taken it all in at one reading session, yet. Holly has done a great job exploring the topic and the options from many different angles and has presented as clear and as unbiased a picture as possible.

Now the task is ours to digest this information and figure out what we really want. Sooner or later, Unit 4 is going to send a PE firm asking similar questions, and then followed by a referrendum in which we all get to make a binary choice. The more we cogitate on this now, the better informed we will be and the more fruitful discussion we can have.

PS – Holly is presenting at the June 11th Board meeting.

2 Responses to “The High School dilemma: weighing the options”

  1. Robert DeAtley Says:

    I read through the booklet and most of Holly’s website. She has put together quite a bit of information. I wish that similar detailed information could have been provided about the option to expand / remodel / update the existing Central High School, including costs and opportunities available to expand it (even though the Unit 4 BOE has apparently rejected that option). The Urbana school district has slowly acquired property around the Urbana high school campus, which has enabled that district to add classroom space, athletic amenities, and parking even as an old facility gets older. And while they do not have 50 or 60 acres of land, they have been able to add nice amenities that were once lacking, without spending the 78 to 90 million dollars an entirely new facility could cost taxpayers. Perhaps a similar option could be done at Central High School, with property north, east, or west of the current facility.

  2. pattsi Says:

    I applaud your comments. I take this one step further historically. Past boards have dreamed of a grand campus on the edge of town on land donated by some local farmer. Thus stated previous boards did not plan ahead to buy the properties you are suggesting even though this could have been done over time, generated income, and sold if a later decision to build the grand campus was the decision.

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