June 11th Board Meeting: plowing through that massive agenda

This was an experiment on my part. I thought “If I were a Board Member, I would have about 3 days to go through this entire agenda, read the associated documents, and try to be prepared for the Monday night Board Meeting.” Having gone through this ludicrous list, I now have much more respect for Board Members. At the same time, if I were a Board Member, I would be punching myself in the face! 🙂 There has got to be a better way to do this. For the record, it took me about 2 hours to type all this up, going through the agenda items one by one.

Also, much respect for folks like Dr. Wiegand that have to fill in for Gene Logas – he certainly carried a lot of responsibility.

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Public Hearing: School Calendar Holiday Waiver: Maria Alanis

The Administration recommends that the Board hold a public hearing on some kind of proposed school holiday waiver. It is not exactly clear to me what was proposed.

High School Grade Configuration Report: Judy Wiegand

See my previous post. Basically, no silver bullets. Debate about whether we can “kick the can down the line”. 🙂

High School Options: Judy Wiegand

Holly Nelson has been generating a slew of reports. Public comment (on her blog) is highly encouraged.

Administrative Appointments: Margie Jobe

Blank. Literally.

Refurbished Desktop Computer Units: Judy Wiegand

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