Another perspective on American Education



First thing I have to acknowledge is that there is no silver bullet – we will never find one system that does everything perfectly. Having said that, I personally really like the story (both the anecdotal and the non-fiction) – it strikes a chord within me. When I looked, there were 53 comments all over the map, some of which even point out that this personal experience cannot be generalized for everyone. So my point in posting it is merely to say that I like it. You might not. Others certainly do not.


On a general level, it seems to me that one can determine what is really important by what characteristics, virtues and disciplines are taught, conveyed, imbued and instilled. Not merely what is pitched from the front of the classroom and written in our books, but what the final outcome is. A part of that picture is the travesty of how we raise a significant portion of our children to spend time in jail. And I say “we” very much intentionally – this is a responsibility we all share and we all need to think more seriously about.


Or in other words, “the proof is in the pudding.” The rubber is hitting the road.


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