Chat with Dr. Wiegand and directions

Wednesday morning I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Wiegand and ask her a few questions. It was a very informative meeting as we exchanged a number of ideas, and she was quite prepared with answers to those questions I had emailed to her. 🙂


I. Current priorities

  1. Finding a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In retrospect, I had expected her to say Chief Operations Officer (COO). According to the job posting, the position is “Chief Financial/ Operating Officer”. I also note that in the job posting, this is one of the few administrative positions (only?) not requiring any background in education.
  2. Getting ready for Barkstall and Robeson to open
  3. Strategic planning with principals. Dr. Wiegand gave me a worksheet that they are going to work through, basically goal-setting activities


II. Public engagement

Dr. Wiegand then addressed my question of public support and participation together, noting how so very little participation happens at Board Meetings even when there is a Public Hearing on a (what used to be) controversial topic. We had a very good discussion about this topic for a while, since it is near and dear to my heart (as readers will most likely know). I mentioned again how the Urbana Board (and indirectly, the IASB) is doing it wrong with more restrictive controls, and how Wheaton is doing it better by holding conversational meetings. I mentioned how I Read the rest of this entry »