Houlihans tomorrow: catching up

Don’t have anything set to chat about; we would love to hear your story.


One Response to “Houlihans tomorrow: catching up”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Actually, I now have some ideas. Talking more about changes to policy – my current experiment seems to be moving along well, and now I have an idea for another policy change on how to get people talking about the issues and not be totally in the dark.
    1) advertise better and be more open about the planning of all meetings; right now, some special meetings are planned several weeks in advance, but the general public does not know about them until the Friday before.
    2) put agenda items “out there” in the public so there is time for people to talk about it. Especially time for board members to deliberate so they can form an opinion. The way we do it now (an full-blown agenda 48 hours prior) is untenable and horrible for public participation. On the plus side, BoardDocs is a huge improvement over what they had before. 🙂

    I very much welcome ideas and thoughts. As Jackie has said in the past, “is this really worth it?” I have to ask myself that over and over, and I am realizing that this is a subjective question with objective elements.

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