Happenings I: The UofI shows you how to welcome folks back and a First Day Survey

I loved this – yes, some of it is High Cheese, no doubt, but it is something, better than what we have had in the past. And the comic relief at the very end is dead on. 🙂



In other news, Unit 4 is conducting a very informal survey (via surveyMonkey) of your thoughts and opinions about the first day of school. There are only a few questions; I advise you fill it out once just to get it done, and then do it a second time when you have had a moment to think about the last couple free-form questions.




3 Responses to “Happenings I: The UofI shows you how to welcome folks back and a First Day Survey”

  1. Chuck Jackson Says:

    And at the blog referenced in the video, a previous entry is Chancellor Wise’s comments to teachers at this year’s chancellors’ academy. (http://illinois.edu/blog/view/1109/76640?count=1)

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Thanks for sharing that – it does very much tie into my Happenings II post. After reading Wise’s blog entry, I very much want to ask “so what are they going to do about these fascinating insights?”.

  3. pattsi Says:

    To continue Charles’ thought–she did not make one offer to build a bridge between all the knowledge generated at UUC and what of this can be useful for K-12 teaching, nor was there an offer for any mentoring. Lots of words, but no tangibles.

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