This Saturday, Resource Fair at BTW

Sheri Williamson has been hard at work working with the school district administration, school officials, volunteers and local service providers to help bring the Resource Fair to Unit 4 again. The school district has a nice flyer up on their page (also syndicated by Will Kyles):

Sheri is also passing out the Spanish version:

SP Resouce Day Flyer – September

Also, Sheri is working hard with others to form a Parent Advisory Committee. The first meeting will be Monday September 24th from 6:pm to 7:pm. And yes, that does overlap the U4 Board’s “Public Hearing on the Budget”, unfortunately. I will provide more information about this new Parent Advisory Committee shortly (I have a spanish flyer but still looking for the english one) – the details of the group are a little in flux, but there is a lot of cool discussions happening. Just to drop a teaser, this new group will also have some element of parent advocacy tied in as well.


Update: Here are the Parent Advisory flyers:

Parent Advisory Group

SP Parent Advisory (spanish)


2 Responses to “This Saturday, Resource Fair at BTW”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    Added flyers for the Parent Advisory group

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