6 Responses to “Review of Sept 10th Board Meeting”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Does the teachers’ union show quantative data as to how much time exactly is spent by teachehaves to do the job well and subdivided into various roles the teachers have?
    As a taxpayer, my speculation that the hiring of a PR firm, from out-of-town, and moving around the WCB is directly related to asking for more WCB and going to the public for monies to build a high school.
    I look forward to the results of the proposed many different efforts to engage the public.

  2. Karen Says:

    So Unit 4 secures a PR firm when they want to hit the community up for cash.

    A PR firm for rebuilding trust, for building positive relationships with the community, for engaging the community just because (not just when they want to hit the community up for cash), etc. is…MIA somewhere?

    I could be mistaken, but, I thought Unit 4 was selling the latter. How did we end up with the former?

    And bravi or something for picking a firm that has been associated with corruption (and whose lead partner apparently sees nothing wrong with said corruption). Thanks Board of Ed for your thorough vetting in this matter. Maybe you can at least keep an eye on who these guys subcontract with (they mentioned subs several times last night). What’s that, it’s only $100K or so? Well that attitude IMO is part of the problem. If you don’t think good stewardship applies to every dollar you are entrusted with, maybe this stuff is out of your comfort zone and you should re-think your involvement in serving this community in current capacity. Meh. Ok. Here’s my ‘yes’ vote. That’s how it looked to me sitting on the public side of things. You don’t have the kind of level of trust or track-record with this community that affords your entering into contracts with people who have even a hint of association with unethical behavior. ‘Trust us to…’ Keep trying. You’re not there yet. The latest is more of the same at the end of the day.


    ‘In May 2002, when Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Jennifer L. Brunner ruled that Randall A. Fischer, chief of the state’s massive school-construction program, “acted without authority” in awarding $2 billion in construction contracts over five years, many educators and guardians of the taxpayers thought Fisher’s involvement in education-funded projects would be over.

    Wrong! A big-government decision in a state 760 miles away has allowed Fischer to assume a similar position of power over school construction.

    One contractor awarded $4 million in consulting contracts in Ohio was William S. DeJong and Associates of Dublin. Last spring, when I saw William DeJong in a meeting, he argued that he saw nothing wrong with what Fischer had done. Obviously not. He since has hired Fischer as a subcontractor to work with him on a similar project in Arkansas

  3. charlesdschultz Says:

    As to the moving around of the WCB, here is what Dr. Wiegand says (she gave me permission to quote her):

    When the Board authorized the recent sale of bonds the money was deposited into the Working Cash Fund. Legally we cannot transfer money from the Working Cash Fund to the Operations and Maintenance Fund without a resolution. So the Board approved the resolution allowing the transfer of the funds so we can pay for the work being done at Jefferson and Franklin. The amount abated is equal to the amount of the bonds recently sold. This requirement actually helps with transparency by requiring a public action.

    It sounds like to me that it was the original intention to put the money from the sale of the WCB into the working cash fund and then to move it to other funds as needed. That part was not clear to me up front.

  4. the dirt in which the roots are buried (part 2) « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] bringing this up again and again. And I am going to have to remind folks that Tom Lockman said the very same thing at the Sept 10 Board […]

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