CFT negotiations with the board: no new news

After the media blitz last week about the “informational pickets”, I was a bit surprised at the total silence the followed the much-touted Wednesday meeting. I sent emails to board members, CFT reps and others and heard nary a thing. I looked in the media websites and didn’t find anything.


Until this morning when one of my gerbils found something in a Friday WICD report:


Bottomline, no change. That was rather anti-climatic.


For the most part, the Unit 4 teachers are amazing! I took a walk last night and saw several teachers working at 8:pm getting ready for the week. I hear parents speaking very highly of this teacher or that teacher. Stephanie Stuart is doing an excellent job of highlighting various staff and the awesome things going on.


I still do not really get the point of the informational picket. What did it accomplish? What was it supposed to accomplish? What am I missing?


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