4 Responses to “DeJong responds to my questions”

  1. jason Says:

    Charles, can I suggest you leverage some of the research resources we have at the University to evaluate the quality of these questionnaires? My own unskilled opinion is that the Sample Futures questionnaire might be flawed, but useable. The Options Community Dialog questionnaire is so poorly constructed that if I had created it, I would deny having created it… much less put it in a reference packet.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:


    May I ask which resources you specifically have in mind? 🙂 The answer to your question is surely “yes!”, but the University is big and I only know a small handful of folks.

  3. Jason Strutz Says:

    The Liberal Arts college (LAS) has some resources (http://www.atlas.illinois.edu/services/stats/surveys/). I cannot say with certainty whether they would work with a non-University entity, or what their fees might be.

    There is also the Scholarly Commons, which offers a host of services for training and consultation, on a number of topics: http://www.library.illinois.edu/sc/services/data_services.html. Note the survey consultation sessions, Tuesdays 1-4 PM throughout the fall semester. SC is located on the third floor of the Main Library building, in the northeast corner.

    I have a couple of other feelers out, I’ll post again if I find more resources.

  4. Updates from Stephanie Stuart in regards to Unit 4 and the PE firm « A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4 Says:

    […] firm has been busy collected data, but what? What have they learned? In an earlier response, DeJong said they would give the background report to the steering committee and post it “online after the […]

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