Looking at RFPs

As I wait for the DeJong RFP to pop up on the website (which I manually have to check every day), I am looking through the small list of other “archived” RFPs out there. It looks to be a small smattering of tech-only bids. Even though I know we have a EdTech grant that pays for a significant portion of these bills, some of the dollar amounts still surprise me very much:

Sentinel $72,004.00
Bradfields $734,572.00
Ricoh $60,958.00
Bradfields $110,430.00
Ricoh $173,883.00
Bradfields $177,736.00
System Liquidation $22,372.00
System Liquidation $22,372.00
MogerMedia $24,997.00
Dell $222,396.00
CDI $8,008.00
Bradfields $1,022,738.00
Ricoh $234,841.00


Bradfields was mostly for smartboards. Wow!


It also makes me wonder what other RFPs are not yet up on the website. How much does the EdTech grant actually cover? (There is an official name for the grant, I just forget what it is)


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